Amigos Stickers!

You love tacos, and you want everyone to know. We get it, we feel the same way. Well, we’ve now made it easier than ever to share your taco obsession with our brand new Amigos stickers!

We’ve got two designs and we know you’re going to love them. Coming in at only $3 a pop, they’re ready for you to put on anything from your water bottle to laptop to… whatever really. We made them with the highest quality, waterproof materials, so you could even chuck them on your car if you wanted to. The world truly is your oyster. Best of all, you can buy them online or at any of our Amigos locations!

The Designs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we decided to keep our first design simple with some beautiful icons that share the basic truth you want everyone to know: “I love tacos”. These emojis were custom illustrated for us, so you know that another drawing of a taco isn’t going to look nearly as good as ours, much like our actual tacos 😉

The second design is a bit more wordy, and offers what might be considered a “harsh but true” reality. It reminds us all that “you aren’t a taco… you can’t make everyone happy.” But that’s okay! Just do you, and put this sticker somewhere to remind you live your best life.


Now where do these awesome stickers come from? Well, we’ve teamed up with our mates over at StickerDot to create these amazing, high quality stickers! Not only do they offer an amazing product, they also guide you through the whole sticker creation process with a free sample pack, artwork setup, and shipping to get your stickers straight to your door. Best of all, they’re also affordable! So whether you just want to immortalise that silly thing your mate said or you need a high quality sticker for your business, StickerDot is the perfect place to go.

But seriously, how good are they! We’re stoked 🙂 

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